TCC cloud mining FAQ

What is our service?

  • You invest in the development of our capacities and in return receive a portion of our equipment rental for 3 years.
  • We give in rent the newest equipment.
  • The payback period of your investment fluctuates depending on exchange rates, market conditions, the cost of electricity, ranging from 2.9 to 3.2 months. All our equipment is insured.
  • How to start making money with our service cloud of mining?

  • Sign up. Enter your e-mail. On your e-mail, we will send the link with activation. Once activated, you can log into your account. After registration you will get a bonus to buy the clouds. With one ip addresses can register one account! Violators will be blocked!
  • In order to start mining cryptocurrency you must buy one or a few clouds in the Clouds Menu.

  • Buy Clouds


    Mining bitcoin


    Mining Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin


    Mining Bitcoin Litecoin Dogecoin

  • Clouds In the menu you can rent one of the three powers.
  • Select your preferred cryptocurrency, enter the estimated amount in the table to see the profitability of the clouds.
  • Cloud Hash-700mx can be bought only for Bitcoin and mining it only Bitcoin.
  • Cloud Hash-700mx most expensive, stable.
  • All other clouds can be purchased for any cryptocurrency and mining them any currency.
  • If you buy a few clouds that power is added.
  • Bitcoin can be mined simultaneously on three clouds.
  • Litecoin and Dogekoin can mining simultaneously in two capacities.
  • Start of mining

  • Once you have bought at least one cloud can start mining.

  • If you bought a cloud Hash-700mx then you can start mining bitcoin only. If you have any other power can then start other mining cryptocurrency.
  • You can see in the tables your profitability. The final table of your total return on all the clouds.
  • For the start of mining press "Start" or "Stop" to stop of mining.
  • After stopping of mining funds will be transferred to your cash.
  • Chance Mining cryptocurrency only one or clouds at the same time.
  • Make deposit

  • In order to fund your account you need to go to the Deposit menu.
  • Generate deposit address
  • The funds will be credited after the first confirmation of the network.

  • Pay attention to the minimum deposit amount.
  • Withdrawal

  • Go to the menu Withdraw.
  • Enter the amount and wallet. Be careful when you enter the wallet.
  • Top specified minimum withdrawal.
  • Payment takes place within 24 hours.
  • Referral system

  • If you have any referrals you will receive 5% of the investment cryptocurrency your referral.
  • Payments every Sunday.
  • In the future referral system changes and assessment of mining will be from.